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Adhesive tapes

We supply a broad range of adhesive tapes suitable for specialist applications. Our tapes meet the ever-increasing technological demands of industries including aerospace, automotive and electronics.
A selection of our adhesive tapes are described briefly here. Please contact us for more information.

Description Applications
Acrylic bonding tapes High performance assembly solutions. Offering good resistance to moisture, abrasion and corrosion, they are suitable for outdoor environments.
Double coated mounting tapes These tapes have high internal strength making them suitable for demanding applications. They are commonly used where long term bond, high temperature resistance and shear strength are required
Double coated foam adhesive tape Used for bonding uneven surfaces, shock absorption and sealing properties.
Fire retardant tapes Fixing carpets in aerospace and transportation industries where fire retardant properties are required. Meet FAR 25-853 (a)
High temperature masking tapes Suitable for powder coating applications, anodizing, E-plating and stove enamelling. Also for high-stress electrostatic coating.
Mid temperature masking tapes Used in wet sanding and demanding painting jobs, automotive refinishing and painting with 2-component paints.
Waterproof cloth tapes Duct sealing, covering joints in hot air, insulation, fixing and holding of wires and cables, heavy duty packaging for drum sealing and colour coding, carpet joining and edging.
Other specialist tapes including Aluminium tape and polyester silicone tape. TMounting of refrigerator coils, masking, protecting sealing of ducts, splicing various types of substrates.

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