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Newmet is a key supplier of advanced materials to the aerospace market, helping the industry to meet the ever-increasing need for safe operations across a range of adverse environmental and atmospheric conditions.

We work with global aircraft manufacturers supplying and developing advanced materials. Our materials have been specified by leading companies (see silicone foams specification, solid silicones specification).

Composites are playing a growing role in the industry where properties such as high strength-to-weight ratio, design flexibility, and resistance to corrosion, fatigue and impact give them a superior performance over more traditional materials. We have a long track record in supplying carbon composites to the industry and are excited by the developing market.

Application Product range
Fire barriers and fire resistant insulation Silicone foams
Seals Silicone foams
Solid silicones
Insulation Silicone foams
Solid silicones
Noise vibration damping/acoustic insulation Silicone foams
High temperature gasketing Solid silicones
Friction discs in flap-jam systems Carbon composites
RFI shielding Metallised textiles
RFI shielding for component boxes Electro shielding materials
Painting and associated activities Paints
Research and development activities High purity metals and chemicals

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Newmet House, Rue de Saint Lawrence, Waltham Abbey, EN9 1PF, Essex, UK.
Company registered office address: Newmet House, Rue de Saint Lawrence, Waltham Abbey, Essex EN9 1PF 
 Place of registration: England & Wales Registration number: 427388