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Coatings, caulking compounds, and adhesives

The products below are ideal for painting or coating structures and cabinets and for filling cracks and seams or attaching gaskets where electro shielding is required.

Description Areas used Notes Link to data sheet
Nickel loaded polyurethane coatings Effective EMI/RFI shielding. Recommended for use above 10MHz.
  • Highly conductive
  • Absorbs and dissipates the electrical vector of EMI radiation.
  • Attenuates the magnetic vector preventing radiation emission from an EMI source
Conductive caulking compounds Designed for use in shielding enclosures, cabinets and other structures.
Used to plug seams, joints, cracks, threads and other RFI/EMI leakage areas.
  • The caulking material assures the long term integrity of the shielding
  • Due to their high tack and non-hardening characteristics, caulking joints continue to function under vibration and temperature movement conditions.
  • Designed to prevent corrosion in the caulking areas and can result in attenuation of up to 100dB.
Manufactured in two formulations 53-CCC-166 (Silver copper filled) and 53-CCC-168 (Nickel).
Conductive rtv silicone Developed to bond various types of loaded elastomers and for bonding RFI/EMI shielding gaskets into place
  • Silver Aluminium loading available
  • Nickel graphite loading available.
  • Not solvent based
53-CCC-240 and 
Conductive Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Used to bond gasket products where Z direction conductivity is required
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive with an acrylic base
  • No carrier layer containing conductive silver particles giving a low electrical resistance in the Z direction

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