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Our high-performance gasketing, sealing and shielding products are all in demand in an industry where innovation and technological expertise are vital to survival. We have a sound understanding of how our materials and products can be used to solve problems and to meet safety requirements.

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Application Product range
Requirements for base metals and chemicals High purity metals and chemicals
Fire barriers, seals and insulation Silicone foams
High temperature gasketing Solid silicones
Protection from electro static and electromagnetic radiation Electro shielding materials
Construction of Faraday cages Metallised textiles
Shielding of electronic enclosures Aluminium and monel mesh gasketing embedded in silicone rubber
Sheathing and wrapping of gaskets and cables to provide RFI/EMI shielding Knitted wire mesh
Electro shielding for windows and displays Conductive optical film
RFI protection for heating, lighting and ventilation Honeycomb vents
RFI Shielding Metallised textiles

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