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Knitted wire mesh

Wire mesh can be used for wrapping cables and for gaskets. Where environmental sealing is required, mesh covered elastomers are offered.

Description Areas used Notes Link to data sheet
Mesh tapes and die cut shapes: an all-metal open-weave mesh knitted from a single continuous wire into a cylindrical stocking and then flattened into a 2-ply tape. Designed for sheathing and wrapping cables and gaskets.
Used for dissipating corona discharge at high voltage splices.
Thin gaskets and laminated optical windows can be fabricated.
Also used in static discharge applications.
  • The tape will not warp with temperature changes as the knitted loops move into each other and change shape slightly. The slightly irregular loops also prevent zoning patterns from forming.
  • Wire types: monel, tinned copper, stainless steel, copper, aluminium and silvered copper.
  • Customised products are available.
Mesh tapes and die cup shapes
Knitted wire gasket materials. Knitted metal strips have a natural resilience that makes them ideal as RFI/EMI shields on cabinets and enclosure doors where the mating surface may not be entirely even or true.
  • Compressible mesh strips are available in 5 different materials.
  • Combination gaskets available inset with silicone foam.
Knitted wire gasket materials
Elastomer cored wire mesh.
The knitted wire mesh is sleeved over silicone rubber tubing to give a highly compressible weather-proof RFI/EMI gasket.
Ideal gasket for sheet metal housing and can also be used in castings and machined surfaces.
  • Combines the characteristics of knitted mesh resiliency and conductivity with the excellent compression and deflection properties of silicone rubber.
Elastomer cored wire mesh
Elastomer sealed wire mesh: consists of an elastomer fluid or air sealing strip integrally bonded to an RFI/EMI shielding gasket. Conductive seals, and gaskets.
  • Standard sealing material is a closed cell neoprene rubber but silicone sponge and other materials have also been used successfully.
Elastomer sealed wire mesh

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