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Metallised textiles

We supply nickel coated polyester and nickel copper coated polyester as well as other coatings. These offer good RFI/EMI shielding, together with a range of mechanical and other properties and can be wrapped around foam to provide environmental sealing.

Description Areas used Notes Link to data sheet
Plain woven monofilament Shielded windows, ventilators and semi-rigid Faraday cages.
  • These metallised materials can be readily cut and fabrications can be made.
  • Each fabric has a standard coating weight. Other weights are available on request.
  • Metallised textiles can be manufactured on different base materials.
Plain woven monofilament Shielded ventilators, passive reflectors, curtains and semi-rigid Faraday cages. 51-PMO-400
Plain woven multifilament Passive reflectors, target systems, screens and flexible Faraday cages. 51-PMU-100
Knitted interlock Jersey Wave guide gasket use, seams, passive reflectors, screens and construction of flexible and elastic Faraday cages. 51-PJ-100
Metallised textiles over foam Conductive seals, and gaskets.
  • Our standard polyester is rip-stop or taffeta weave, and our standard coating is nickel copper, but other variations are available.
  • Our standard foam is UL 94 HF1 thermoplastic foam.
Metallised textile gaskets Supplied as profiles which can be cut and made into picture frames and other gaskets.
  • A low closure force enables the gasket to have a high cycle life and durability.
  • Different thermoplastic cores can be supplied. Our standard core is flame retardant with UL94 HF1 rating available on request.
Metallised textile gaskets
Combination metallised textile-silicone foam gaskets Used in aerospace for electronic component box seals and in telephone base station units where UL ratings and excellent compression set properties are often required.
  • Silicone foam is an excellent environmental seal having exceptional compression set properties with relatively low compression/deflection force and with temperature resistance from -65șC to over 220șC.
Metallised textile-silicone foam gaskets

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