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Other foams

We supply urethane, polyethylene and polyimide foams. The urethane foams have low compression set and excellent sealing properties. The polyethylene and polyimide foams offer fire retardant insulation solutions at different temperatures. The polyethylene foams can also be used as seals.

The materials are available as tapes and gaskets with or without pressure sensitive adhesive and the adhesive can be applied to one or both sides.

NMPEF meets FAR 25-856a.

Typical Application Description Properties at a glance Link to data sheet
Seal Urethane foams
  • Excellent compression set sealing product
4701-30 and 4701-40 series
Seal or insulation Polyethylene foams: fire retardant, closed cell, cross-linked foams with low density
  • Meet transportation fire smoke and toxic gas requirements.
  • Available in sheet form, thermoformable into simple and complex shapes
Acoustic noise absorption and thermal insulation Low-density open cell melamine foam
  • Exhibits low smoke and toxicity
  • Passes FAR 25-853 flammability test
  • Available as sheets or gaskets
NM MF400
Insulation Polyimide foam
  • High temperature, low density, fire resistant, foam products
  • Foams with densities of 6 kg/m3 are available.

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