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Silicone extrusions

We fabricate solid silicone and silicone foam extrusions to customer specifications. We are approved to produce silicone extrusions and mouldings to AIMS04-07-003 and AIMS04-07-006.

Extruded parts are integral to many environments and the special properties of silicones, particularly in relation to compression set, temperature resistance and flammability, make these materials ideal for use in a range of sealing applications in transportation and other industries.

Our materials operate between 60 degrees C and + 200 degrees C and our FR grades have been tested to ABD 0031 and FAR 25-853 vertical and horizontal fire tests. Colour matching is available in most cases.

Extrusion allows complex two dimensional cross sections to be produced. In addition adhesive backed sheets, tapes and gaskets are available as well as jointed O rings.

Typical Application Description Link to data sheet
Seals and gaskets Newmet silicone foam extrusions, available as sheet and extruded parts
Available on request
Seals and gaskets Newmet solid silicone extrusions NMSSE50/70

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