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Silicone foam

We are a leading supplier of high-performance silicone foam in sheet, strip and gasket form. 

Our silicone foam products provide outstanding performance at high and low temperatures and most meet national and internationally recognised safety standards for fire, smoke and toxicity.

Newmet silicone foams and silicone foam composites are the first choice when it comes to fire retardant sealing or insulation materials and, increasingly are being used for acoustic insulation.

We provide silicone foams which have been cast onto a variety of fabrics to provide additional benefits such as tear resistance and resistance to fire.

We can supply strip and gaskets with or without adhesive backing.

Product range

Typical Application Description Link to data sheet
Seals and insulation Lightweight silicone foam HT603A/

See also ABS5006

Fire barrier and acoustic insulation Modified closed-cell silicone foam on fibreglass backing available in continuous rolls FPC
Fire and flame barrier Kevlar-silicone foam composite MSK-2
Seals and insulation Medium density range of silicone foams HT800
Flame resistant seals and insulation Closed cell silicone sponge material 7129 soft
7329 medium
7429 firm
Seals and insulation Open celled silicone foam NMSF1 (contact NewMet for more details)
Acoustic and fire resistant insulation A modified closed cell silicone foam cast onto NOMEX® fabric EP2051
Weather- and UV-resistant seals and cushioning Low density silicone foam NMOCS 130
Tear drop seals A fire retardant silicone foam cast onto a NOMEX® fabric EP4065
Abrasion-resistant and fire retardentinsulation A fire retardant silicone foam cast onto a glass fabric IF200
Radiant heat shield A fire retardent silicone foam cast onto aluminised fibreglass RF120

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