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Our silicone foams have been specified by leading aerospace companies as follows: 

Airbus Specifications

ABS 5006: HT606A in strip form

AIMS04-14-002A: HT603A as a material

AIMS04-14-002B: HT606A as a material

ABS 5767A: HT603A as a material

ABS 5026 A01: FPC material

ABS 5026 B01: MSK-2 material

DAN 1226-02: FPC material

DAN 1226-03: MSK-2 material

ABS 5708: A2 material

ABS 5789/AIMS 04-22-005: A2R material

ABS 5751B/AIMS 04-07-003: NMSS50FR material

ABS 5751C/AIMS 04-07-006: NMSS0FR material

Boeing Specifications

BMS1-68 Form II: HT603A material

BMS1-68 Form III: HT606A material

BMS 1-60 Type 1 GR A: 7129 material

BMS 1-60 Type 1 GR B: 7329 material

BMS 1-60 Type 1 GR C: 7429 material

Aerospace Material Specifications

AMS 3195: HT800 material

AMS 3196: HT820 material

Other manufacturers

We supply silicone materials to many other civil airframe manufactures including British Aerospace, SAAB, Fokker, Dornier, ATR, CASA, Jetstream, AVRO RJ and others.

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