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Silicone products

Our range of conductive silicones includes conductive powder loaded solid and foam materials, aluminium and monel oriented wire in solid and foam silicone, and silicone coated mesh products.

Description Areas used Properties at a glance Link to data sheet
Aluminium and monel mesh gasketing embedded in silicone rubber Particularly recommended for RFI/EMI shielding of electronic enclosures.
Designed for military, industrial and commercial shielding applications, where an excellent weather seal is required.
  • Provides a conductive gasket with about 25 contact points per cm.
  • Mesh apertures are filled with a sealing compound to provide additional environmental sealing properties.
  • 56-WWS-600 contains woven aluminium and 57-EMS-300 contains expanded monel.
Oriented wire can be included in silicone solid or foam materials. Mesh can be monel or aluminium Provide excellent performance in broad-band EMI shielding, along with good environmental sealing, for military and industrial applications.
  • The sponge construction 55-MWS-025 is particularly recommended for uneven closure surface and where relatively low closure pressure is required.
  • Gaskets can be cut from all materials using shears or die cutting tools.
  • Various widths and thicknesses can be supplied to special order.
Conductive silicone sheets from 0.5 mm thickness A range of conductive particles from carbon to silver plated aluminium are available giving a range of shielding effectiveness and galvanic compatibility for conductive seal requirements.
  • These conductive sheets can be readily cut or stamped.
  • Gasket fabrication is by use of silver conductive adhesive or conductive pressure sensitive adhesive.
Conductive silicone extrusions Many standard profiles exist. O rings can also be provided.
  • Customised extrusion tooling can be manufactured readily and, if appropriate, parts can be moulded.
Standard profiles
Standard gaskets: silver-plated nickel-loaded silicone or other loaded materials High-performance, cost-effective gaskets that offer exceptionally good EMC.
  • 0.5 mm thick typically.
Surshield 4081
Sub D connector gaskets
Flange mount connector gaskets

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