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Solid silicones

Many NewMet solid silicones offer fire retardant properties and some can be used for acoustic insulation. The materials are available as strip or gaskets, with or without adhesive backing and we can supply material from a thickness of 0.3mm. We can supply various shore hardnesses and various colours including transparent silicone. Conductive materials and glass-fibre re-inforced grades are available.

Product range

Typical Application Description Link to data sheet
High temperature gasketing Calendared sheet Newmet 60
High temperature gasketing applications where dimensional stability is a requirement and for press pad applications Calendared sheet with glass fibre reinforcement HT-1500
High temperature gasketing Cast solid silicone HT6135
High and low temperature gasketing, sealing and heat resistant parts Transparent solid silicone HT6240
Various aerospace gaskets Solid silicone (extrusions and moulded sheets) 50 Shore A / NMSS50FR (can be supplied to AIMS04-07-003)
Various aerospace gaskets Solid silicone (extrusions and moulded sheets) 70 Shore A / NMSS70FR (can be supplied to AIMS04-07-006)
Fire retardant replacing conventional materials where fire safety, toxicity and/or high temperatures are a concern Black solid silicone sheet HT6360
Fire resistant and acoustic barriers Cast solid silicone. Can be cast onto a glass fibre layer or scrim if required HT200
A2 sound barrier
A2R reinforced sound barrier
RFI shielding (see our shielding products for additional information) 40 Shore A hard nickel graphite loaded solid silicone. Conductive adhesive available EC2040

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